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Case Study 2

Advisor Designs' client logo for Canal Capital Management

Canal Website Redesign

New layout and content strategy produced a bold, sleek and more professional design

Advisor Designs' Website Redesign Case Study Home page


Canal is an award winning wealth management firm, with over $475 million in assets under management.

Canal hired us to help discover their personal style and design a landing page, navigation, and sub pages to better tell the story of their philosophy, services, clientele, and team members.
Advisor Designs' Website Client, Noah Greenbaum
Noah C.P. Greenbaum
Canal Capital Management


We created new visuals, navigation, structure, and strategic calls-to-action.

The new website launched, redefining their clients' and prospects' first impressions and interactions.
Team page sample
Advisor Designs' Website Redesign Case Study Who We Serve page
Advisor Designs' Website Redesign Case Study Blog page


Our Team page

A good headshot goes a long way towards building trust and creating a tangible memory for your site visitor.


Who We Serve page

Canal Capital Management is in business to serve a specific clientele. It was important to zero in on people who both want and have the means to obtain their services.


Blog page

Driving more traffic and increase SEO gains business. The more they blog, the more content the search engines have to crawl and index.

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