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Calculate how much your web project will cost with our new interactive Quote Calculator. Follow the steps below and fill in the necessary details about your project. Your quote will be generated automatically and sent quickly by e-mail.

1: Choose Your Design Level

This determines the time we put into creating graphic assets, customizing theme design elements, and building each page's content design. Our process is progressive allowing you to enhance at any junction.

2: Primary Purpose

Every great website has a main purpose or goal it wants to achieve, a call to action that produces a result. This can be as simple as picking up the phone to purchasing directly from your website.
Choose the number of products you would like us to add for you.

3: Pages

Select the pages that we will be building for you. Remember, these are just the ones we will build. We will show you how to add pages yourself if you wish.
Choose the number of other pages you would like us to build for you that are not listed in the left 'Pages' selections.
Separate page names with a comma.

4: Content

Content is your text copy, staff photos and graphics files.

5: Features & Integrations

Select the website application features that we will set up for you.

6: Premium Features

Select the premium features that we will set up for you. Premium features include a cost for licensing.

7: Subscription

We take your site live using the highest quality website hosting in the business, provide automated backups, DNS management, and we care for your WordPress site's ongoing updates. We even include WP Rocket caching plugin, a $39/year value. For more information, see description below.
  • FAST RESULTS! Two minor website changes included each month allows you to make the changes you need to your website when you need them – faster and easier than ever before. More advanced work at 10% off our standard hourly rate.
  • LIGHTENING SPEED! Premium plugin, WP Rocket included free ($39/year value). Page caching and minification creates ultra-fast load time, essential for improving Search Engine Optimization.
  • PRACTICAL! Offsite backups ensure you can feel secure that if your website goes down that there is a backup – Effortlessly.
  • CRITICAL! WordPress core updates give you the power to safely update to the latest version of WordPress like a pro.
  • GETS THE JOB DONE! Full plugin and theme updates enable you to easily avoid security holes due to old plugins – With Ease.
  • SUPERIOR WEBSITE HOSTING! High quality hosting with the best uptime in the industry, giving you great performance you can depend on.
  • STAY INFORMED! Monthly reports keep you apprised of your website's updates.

8: Send me the Quote!

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