Pricing Plans that Make Sense for Financial Advisor Websites

Marketing begins with your company website. Advisor Designs helps financial advisors create meaningful websites hosted in a business class environment. And, for those looking for hosted compliance solutions, we’ve got you covered.

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Marketing begins with your financial firm’s website. Advisor Designs helps financial advisors create meaningful websites with financial tools that draw and keep clients. Choose a website plan, theme and pricing that fits your budget.

Hosted Solutions + Professional Website Care

Need fast and reliable business class website hosting? How about expert website maintenance?

Hosted Compliance Solutions

Get compliant website and data archiving for all business-related electronic communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my domain name?

Yes! During the design process, your website will be viewable at a test domain, however, when we launch your new site, we will connect your domain ( And we will take care of that part for you!

Will our current site stay live during new site development?

Yes. Your new website will be designed in a development area so there is no down time!

Are WordPress theme designs and layouts flexible?

Yes. The look and feel of a WordPress theme is governed by the theme’s developer and they may include customization settings such as colors, fonts, images, content and sidebar widgets. Customizations not available within the theme’s settings can often be accomplished by our skilled programmers – just ask!

How much customization time is included in base plans?

Within the base price, our plans include 8 hours of customization time. Additional time is available at our hourly rate ($150/hour).

How fast is the turn-around time?

Websites go live quickly. As soon as we have all your project deliverables (text, images, sitemap, special instructions), sites can be completed in as little as 10 ‐ 15 business days.

Is Advisor Designs' websites a cost effective solution?

Yes! The cost is much less than a completely custom website which can often be over $8,000.

When will I be charged?

All projects exceeding $500.00 require an initial 50% non-refundable deposit that is due upon the date your project estimate is accepted and converted to an invoice. For projects completed within 30 days after the date of the invoice, the balance will be due upon the completion of the project or 30 days from the date of the invoice, whichever occurs first. For projects not completed within 60 days, a milestone payment in the sum of the invoice balance is due 60 days from the date of the invoice and then every 30 days after that. 30-day interval milestone payments are the sum of the invoice balance and due every 30 days until the project is complete.

Do I own the site?

Yes. Although you may choose to hosted with us, WordPress open source and therefore free, the content is yours and you are free to use the customized theme design even if you leave Advisor Designs hosting.

What do I need to provide?

With our Business and Pro plans, you must provide the content for your site. Some examples of website content are your company logo and other images, text content, outside links, third-party code snippets.

What file format should our company's website copy be provided in?

Microsoft Word documents are the best way to provide us with your copy. We also accept plain text editor .txt files.

Who will make updates to my site?

WordPress content management editing is incredibly easy to use and many of our clients prefer to update their website on their own. However, we can make edits and updates for you very quickly as you need them over time — you’re buying in to a company that provides a high level of personal service.

Where can I get royalty free images?

Although themes may come with default images, we suggest choosing your own images to personalize the site to your company and messaging. There are many stock image providers; we like the variety and search capabilities at iStockphoto.

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