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Financial Advisor Websites Free SSL

Financial Advisor Websites Free Secure SSL

We’re proud to offer free SSL certificates for all websites hosted with Advisor Designs’ website hosting account. We firmly believe that added security and better SEO is our responsibility to our clients at Advisor Designs. Advisors on our updated hosting platform will not be required to incur the added costs or technical challenges required...

Clef login

Two-Factor Authentication: Clef Shutdown

Two-Factor Authentication Clef Plugin to Shutdown 6/6/2017 Clef has been a leading two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress sites. Unfortunately, Clef has announced that this plugin is coming to an end with a final shutdown date of 6/6 (official blog post here). Everything will remain fully functional and maintained until that date, at which point...

Website Security

Website Security Strategies

What is Website Security? Fundamentally, website security is not about perfectly secure systems. Security is risk reduction, not risk elimination. It’s about employing all the appropriate controls available to you, within reason, that allow you to improve your overall posture reducing the odds of making yourself a target, subsequently getting hacked. What can I...

Compliance Website Archiving

PageFreezer Archiving Updated Features!

Note from PageFreezer Website Archiving: We’re always looking for ways to make your PageFreezer website archiving experience top notch. Here’s the latest from us on how we’re doing it: NOW SUPPORTING: FACEBOOK AT WORK, VIMEO, TUMBLR We continuously add to our menu of social media archiving options to ensure full social media compliance for...

Outlook Calendar Scheduling Integration

Online Booking with Outlook Integration

Increase efficiency, productivity, and client satisfaction. Save time and eliminate email and phone tag. How? Outlook Integration. Offer clients the convenience of scheduling an appointment with your financial advisor firm online. I finally found an online booking service that integrates with Outlook calendar. It’s called ScheduleOnce. ScheduleOnce integrates a sleek looking booking form into...

PageFreezer Website Archiving

Website and Social Media Archiving

Advisor Designs proudly announces foolproof website and social media archiving with PageFreezer. Our PageFreezer archiving package includes daily archiving of your company website, blog and up to 3 social media accounts. Contact Advisor Designs for your archiving proposal. Why PageFreezer? PageFreezer is the only tool to pass every requirement in the “Archival Acid Test”...

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