Logo Design

Advisor Designs' Logo Design Process

  1. Client exploration. Detailed conversations and questionnaires geared to learn as much as possible about your company culture, values and the way you do business, and then infuse that message into your logo design.
  2. Model sketching. As professional identity designers, we usually sketch dozens of logo ideas during the brainstorming phase, then pick only a handful to present to the client.
  3. Design mockup. We select 4-5 of our best and create some quick designs in black and white. This helps keep the focus on the ideas and concepts rather than on details. Mockups are presented to the client for initial review. The main objective is to gain client feedback on the one they’d like to refine.
  4. Refinement stage Refinement can be the longest stage because it involves a lot of back and forth regarding the improvements and changes for the final logo design.

Perennial Wealth Group

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