Website Strategies: now you can get high-ranking content on your financial firm’s website!

As website provider to financial advisory firms, Advisor Designs can help with your financial advisor firm’s website strategies. We give you access to Kirk Spano, a well published award winning financial writer with 20 years in the financial industry.

Contact: | 855-445-4321

Kirk is one of the most followed MarketWatch writers. “One of the key factors to my large following at MarketWatch is my ability to convey messages understandably and in an emotionally engaging way” says Kirk. Now you can have Kirk write for you – help you build an image and message you’ll be proud to deliver to the masses.

Summary of what Kirk Spano can do for your financial firm’s website strategies:

Kirk is well versed in WordPress and Joomla CMS. He combines technology know-how with unique relevant content, making your firm’s voice read credible, knowledgeable, competent and trustworthy.

At a reasonable cost with high benefit, Kirk will ghost write and edit your website content to build your professional reputation and drive more client conversions.

Kirk’s Website Design & Content Strategy Marketing Pricing:

Website Build or Redesign

    • New $3500 – $6000
      • This is outsourced to one of Kirk’s design partners like Advisor Designs, depending on client needs.
      • Separate fees may apply for hosting, security or other additional services.
    • Redesign or updating an existing CMS website: $1500 – $3000

Content Strategy Marketing

  • Core and Evergreen Content: $4000 – $12000 (one-time)
  • Monthly investment which can be quoted in other publications for linkbacks to your firm’s site: $600/month
  • “Free Reports” for web-based marketing: $800 each
  • Additional writing pieces negotiable i.e. daily or weekly social media content posts

3 Key Benefits of Professionally Written Website Content

1) Attract Ideal Clients

    • Focus on your top 1-4 markets and/or concepts.
      • Provide more information that people crave, but do it concisely and in an interesting way – that’s a difficult task.
      • Stimulate client and potential interaction and contact.
    • Redesign or updating an existing CMS website: $1500 – $3000

2) Remain Compliant

  • Kirk has an extensive financial background and understanding of broker/dealer and RIA compliance.
  • Core website components satisfy archiving and other regulatory requirements.
  • Submit proposed new content to compliance for acceptance before publishing when necessary.

3) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Content drives search rankings and user interaction.
  • Google loves new properly written, relevant content.
  • Google loves inbound links from popular websites.
  • People love people with personality – let’s use yours!

Professional Writing Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • About 80% of new clients research a financial advisory firm online according to Investment Advisor Magazine.
  • About 50% of new clients in all industries rely on the Internet as a key influence of decision making and that percentage is growing.
  • Digital advertising revenue grew about $60 billion in 2015 according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.
  • Your website is an ad.
  • Typical websites can cost over $20,000 to design if they require high functionality, but often still leave a lot to be desired for well written interactive content.
  • CMS platform websites can often be built for half the upfront cots of hand coded websites, depending on how much content is involved.
  • “Free, subscription reports” for web-based marketing: $800 each
  • Kirk separates the build and the contend development costs.

Financial Firms With Successful Website Content Strategies & What They Do

  • Regular new content written with emotional empathy and relevant information which encourages repeat visits and contacts.
  • Special “Free Reports” to stimulate interaction (call to action).
  • Generational outreach.
  • Traditional media appearances.
  • Links from other relevant websites   Kirk can provide these via interviewing you.

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